How to turn a digital service into a full-fledged member of the landscaper’s team.

3 min readJun 29, 2021


Tells Nick Gavrilyak, chief product officer Livee.

There is a risk of encountering team resistance when you introduce any automated system into work. Landscape conceptualizing is a complex creative process that requires an individual approach to the client. Can artificial intelligence replace a designer or a phytopathologist? We believe that there shouldn’t be any competition between “machine landscaping” and your team.

When we say that landscaping with Livee is a conscious process, it’s not abstract words. We focus on the people and their emotional conditions as a result of landscaping. But this does not only apply to customers or end-users of the product — we need to maintain the same approach in interaction with the landscaping team.

Expert knowledge as a base of ai.

Livee has been trained with the experience of real people. Best phytopathologists helped us determine dozens of different parameters of plants. Thereby Livee has calculated thousands of combinations, prescribed possible difficulties, relying on our partners’ many years of experience. The design team helped us match plants to different interior styles, and AI optimized these combinations.

Let’s free up resources.

Livee removes the most boring, routine tasks from high-class specialists and frees up their time to solve creative problems. We do not assume that with the implementation of Livee, you should fire the entire design team. Conversely: you will improve the quality of the work. Your employees will not have to waste time on copy-paste things. The designer does not need to “handle” combinations of plants and pots in Photoshop. He shouldn’t spend hours creating beautiful slides. Our computer vision algorithm automates these types of tasks.

The same also applies to phytopathologists. With Livee, they have the opportunity to solve the most challenging problems with plants and develop in this as professionals.

So what do you get?

  • You can increase the quality of work on custom projects while maintaining lead times.
  • You will spend less time working on ordinary projects, which means you will get more clients.
  • Your employees will become not only more professional but also happier — and therefore more productive.

Let's go to the future




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