Who is Livee, how is he changing the approach to happiness, and why it’s related to the landscaping.

3 min readJan 23, 2021


Hi, it’s Livee — the first green planning system for measurable happiness impact +

At the same time, Livee is the name of ai. He makes the greening process more comfortable for creators and useful for people who will spend time and work surrounded by this “smart landscaping.”

What does it mean?

Livee takes happiness impact, the science-based measurable, and uses it to create greening prototypes and not even primarily for plants’ habitual decorative role in a workspace. The most important thing is to upgrade the level of happiness. And even more: to check it and change if it’s necessary, using stringent parameters.

Why is it so essential for post-pandemic new normality?

In 2020 everyone was stressed. The good news is that it helped company executives realize that the only way to succeed in these circumstances is to care about their teams. Offices now should be converted into places to grow and to cooperate.

Why is Livee focused on greening?

Plants can, in some cases, relax and, in others, concentrate. We always knew it but never used it as а tool to improve business processes. Happy people are much more creative and less prone to procrastination.

Ok, but why does landscaping needs ai?

Because there are no standard rules for improving the level of happiness using plants: companies are very different, so Livee must consider every detail. He learns to improve his skills every day. Also, by Livee, you can check how landscaping efficiency changes over time and fix it if necessary.

It’s too complicated, no?

Livee keeps complex calculation systems to himself, making the process simple, comfortable, and fast for users. You only have to submit data and indicate your wishes. It’s useful not only for professional landscaping companies but for every business that wants to make working conditions more attractive for employees.

How try Livee?

Now is the testing stage, and you can be part of it: anytime, easy and for free.

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Livee is ai. driven green planing system for measurable happiness impact + It helps create prototypes of landscaping that make people happier. More:iamlivee.io